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1. MMA fighters do not fight as much. 2. The purse for boxers is just bigger. The reason boxing makes more money than MMA is because most MMA fighters do not get to fight for the belt that often which means they have less chances for cash. Another reason is simply just because boxing pays more than martial arts.

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Boxers fight using 10 or 8oz gloves while MMA fighters use 4ox gloves where their fingers are free for grappling. There is some debate about which sport is safer with more deaths and serious brain injuries coming from the repetitive blows of boxing.

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Their long-range attacks like spinning punches and kicks add an extra amount of advantage over Boxing. Even an amateur MMA fighter can cripple an average level Boxer with the leg kicks very easily. Therefore, we can conclude the result of MMA vs Boxing by declaring the MMA as the winner.

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Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA are all combat sports that utilize striking, but the body positioning & mechanics vary greatly. If you are transitioning between s...

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The biggest difference between the two sports is what’s allowed and what isn’t. In boxing, you can only use punches and you can only hit above the belt. In MMA, almost anything is fair game. It’s not just punches and kicks either, MMA skills like wrestling and jiu-jitsu can overwhelm a boxer.

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This often gets an MMA fighter disqualified when they are fighting in a boxing match. They see a chance and land a kick instinctively which is not allowed in boxing. The fighting style is one of the biggest problems faced by MMA fighters in a boxing ring. MMA matches consist of fewer rounds lasting for longer periods.

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I would say boxing is better, but I definitely respect MMA. First off, boxing and MMA are totally different. Boxing is a martial art and combat sport derived from the purest form of hand-to-hand combat. MMA is a combat sport that involves every martial art, from boxing to Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.

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What happens when boxers step into the cage and face MMA fighters? What was your favorite part? Comment below!FIGHT GODS - the most legendary UFC and MMA fig...