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How to use at-odds in a sentence. Example sentences with the word at-odds. The most voted sentence example for at-odds is He refused to accept that he a... Dictionary. Thesaurus.

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The finding is at odds with a survey completed in 1991, which found that the majority of systems containing a sun-like star were multiple star systems, reports New Scientist. Show More Sentences This was at odds with Verdi's Romantic music, of course, but the idea, once accepted, was not so bad as such things go and included some effective moments.

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At odds in a sentence 1. They're at odds over the funding of the project. 2. Briggs found himself at odds with his colleagues. 3. He was at odds with his Prime Minister. 4. They're constantly at odds with each other. 5. At odds of 10-1 he bet a hundred pounds. 6. He's always at odds with his father ...

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at odds in a sentence Fate of Texas military base puts residents and local leaders at odds This is substantially at odds with Republican voters as a whole. But his views were at odds with those of his father. The Congressional Black Caucus seemed at odds about how to proceed. Animal rights activists ...

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Definition of at odds. : not agreeing with each other : in a state of disagreement The parents and teachers are still at odds (about/over what to teach the students). —often + with The two groups have long been at odds with each other. He was completely at odds with the way the problem was being handled.

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15. However, the Wizard went once more to his satchel--which seemed to contain a surprising variety of odds and ends--and brought out a spool of strong wire, by means of which they managed to fasten four of the wings to Jim's harness, two near his head and two near his tail. 21. 3. The odds must be astronomical. 25. 9.

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Sentence Examples. The oddsare a barometer by which to measure your expertise and challenge your sanity. Volponi, last year's shock winner of the Classic at oddsof 43-1, showed early on but faded in the back straight. However bad the oddsagainst us seem, the oddsagainst placing this bet at all are even higher.

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at odds with in a sentence - Use at odds with in a sentence and its meaning 1. He had a favorite expression if he was at odds with you. 2. Smoltz said the homosexual lifestyle is at odds with his religious beliefs. click for more sentences of at odds with...